We have an excellent team of engineers, consultants and associated institutes capable of developing state of art solutions for complex engineering problems.

Current Researches and Achievements

– Electric Motor Research and Development

At the forefront of innovation, our research and development team is spearheading the design and engineering of an efficient electric motor tailored specifically for the evolving needs of electric vehicles (EV) and electric flying objects. Our focus is on achieving superior power density compared to existing solutions, ensuring a leap forward in performance and sustainability.

Environmentally Conscious Design

In our commitment to environmental stewardship, we have engineered this electric motor without the use of permanent magnets. By eliminating the reliance on rare earth materials, commonly associated with environmental concerns stemming from mining practices, our motor design aims to mitigate the environmental impact associated with traditional electric motor production. This innovative approach aligns with our dedication to sustainable solutions for a cleaner, greener future.

High-Precision Control

In tandem with the quest for efficiency, we are developing a high-precision control system for our electric motor. This advanced control mechanism goes beyond conventional standards, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in regulating motor performance. Whether applied in electric vehicles navigating complex terrains or electric flying objects requiring seamless maneuverability, our precision control motor sets a new benchmark for reliability and responsiveness.

Motor Simulations for Optimal Performance

Central to our R&D endeavors is the utilization of cutting-edge motor simulations. These simulations allow us to analyze and optimize the performance of our electric motor under various conditions. By fine-tuning parameters and validating our designs through virtual testing, we ensure that our motors not only meet but exceed expectations in real-world applications. This simulation-driven approach is a key element in our pursuit of pushing the boundaries of electric motor technology.

IMG holds a patent for one of the most advanced and revolutionary control systems for electric machines (an AC machine controlled via Amplitude Modulation) in IP Australia. Currently our team is working on further development on the concept and manufacturing for identified industry requirements.

– Fail Safe Communication System

IMG developed and implemented a state-of-the-art communication system for emergency alert systems with a very high level of reliability, implementing multiple redundancy methods.

– Energy and carbon footprint

We are conducting multiple research projects on reducing the carbon footprint of commercial buildings by using concepts such as recycling, automation and improved efficiency.